Speed dating moscow new thread worst dating site photos

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Speed dating moscow new thread

These girls travel a lot all over Europe, have developed a taste for foreign cock, and may take on other western cultural habits such as pitching in for the bill (rarely, but happens).

There's a slice of high quality Russian girls who are too good to take the metro.

Also help them with their coats, luggage, hold their purse when they are putting on their coats, hold the door for them. A corollary to this is that having a car in Moscow would be seen as a status symbol.

The issue is that you could run into visa trouble on reentry if you get speeding tickets (see other threads)… _r=0 You don’t need to ask all 36 questions, but the familiar game principles at work are to ask your date personal questions that she usually doesn’t share, and gaze into each other’s eyes. The only problem is that, you’ll get girls who look like 9s in their pictures and turn up as 6.5s.

(Akula's data sheet is the gold standard, below...) I have over 6 months of experience in Moscow now, and here are some random observations...

For this reason my MO on the first date is an hour long coffee date, which saves money and where you can jet easily if they aren’t hot.It’s because really hot women are more focused on pleasing men.They suck your cock better, they pretend to like it when you cum on their face more, they wear hotter underwear and leg stockings, and even act hotter.Sometimes I do this before dinner, and then invite them to my apartment for dinner straight after. One can survive on Internet, and most of these girls will speak English. I also suspect part of my success here stems from my blonde-hair/blue eyes, and the fact I’m here as a working professional.Gaming girls out in the bar or club, or day gaming, is a different story. All russians aren't racist gold-diggers, but there's a bit of this.

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I've noticed that, if I have an email exchange with a girl on OKC (or Russian Cupid), it will be easy to arrange a meetup.

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