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Sql server statistics not updating

However, perhaps because SQL Server update statistics automatically, whereas it doesn’t, for example, automatically defragment indexes, it’s easy for a DBA to overlook this task.

The problem is that, in certain cases, SQL Server’s automatic statistics maintenance may update the statistics too infrequently, or not provide the optimizer enough information to define properly the data distribution.

The statistics are stored in system tables in the database.

In a multi-column statistic, whether index or column-level, the histogram only exists for the first column (they are “left-based”).

On my test server this code yields the following results.

I’ll then explain, in more detail, why automatic updates to statistics may not be sufficient, and what data you can gather and monitor to help you manage statistics manually, and proactively, rather than in response to query performance issues.

Database backups, integrity checks, and performance optimizations form the core of a DBA’s regular maintenance tasks.

It will ignore those that are acceptable and will update only the statistics that require such action.

I can assure you that each of the databases in the listing above had AUTO_UPDATE_STATISTICS and AUTO_CREATE_STATISTICS both set to ON, yet the following results are indicative of statistics that can become outdated.

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The next step is to copy this text, paste it into a query window in SQL Server Management Studio, then execute it against the instance.