Steam years of service badge not updating Free german sex webcam without inscription

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Steam years of service badge not updating

When a user clicks your app tile to open the website, and there is nothing to notify the user about, you should reset the badge notifications to zero.

One thing led to another, and years later, I've become one of their fans."Four years have passed (since the mortal races banded together and stood united against the might of the Burning Legion. I got nine years, unlocked January 2, 2004 which is around when Half-life 2 was released. I guess Steam was released earlier then.edit2: according to wikipedia, Steam was released on September 12, 2003. So, how many years (and what date) does your badge show?I got my 11 year badge the exact day and time i was supposed to get it. edit: you need to click the "create account" button, you can't use your steam account to login to the support page. Show your Steam status, Steam groups and best Steam games!

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Windows sends badge update requests to the server based on the polling frequency specified in the "msapplication-badge" metadata when the site was pinned; however, you can request badge updates as often as you like.