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Swing couple italy dating sex

There are also theme evenings in which you will have the possibility to taste characteristic specialities. WE LOVE YOU ALE & SANDRA CHRIS & LOULOUEafter coming here You won't like any other club in the world.....:-) Congratulations to all the staff to have made a club that is just as we love: funny,elegant,full of beautiful people and...couples only on sat nite!

If you are a smoker, you are not forced to go outside the club to light up a cigarette, as at your disposition we have an elegant smoking room. Come to Krystal for years, is always the best, constantly evolving.

( style like at Desire Resort) We can really recommend this club to all our lifestyle-friends, and hope we find more of them at the Krystal. Kisses from Austria, MONACO2The Krystal club is by far one pf the best clubs Europe has to offer.

The hosts Alessandro and Sandra cater to your every needs, they are both very friendly and speak English (Ale more than Sandra).

Elegant owners introduced us to the club and showed us around. The New Years Party was packed with people, like any regular dance club would be on a weekend night.

SO many attractive couples, it was almost overwhelming.

..of this with a high degree of professionalism, style & spirit of seizing the moment make the experience at Krystal unforgettable... mark & kim we are visiting Europe, and have travelled to many Libertine clubs, Cap, Holland, Paris, but have never seen a club as perfect as Krystal.

There was never a shortage of hospitality, cleanliness and class.

During either visit I truly recommend this establishment and I rate it 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Dear friends, I spent a Saturday with female company in this club and it was simply great!

First aspect for me as a male guy is the very high quantity of beautiful women.

Incredible with an average age of the ladies of something below 30 years and they were all excellent in shape. Private swingers are stripping while dancing..being kind of crazy through the whole night.

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So many different play room including lockable rooms, cinema room, dark room, S/M room. It was our first time at Krystal Club but we've had the feeling that we already have been there. This means that on the dancefloor you can go naked if you feel like it, but even stay well dressed and build the tension by dancing and flirting. We went to Krystal for the first time on Saturday Sept. We had an amazing time, met a lot of hot sexy couples. Something that happens to us every single night at the Krystal! loloelolawent to Krystal club last weekend for Pirates carnival party.