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The online survey questioned more than 26,000 adults of all orientations in 26 countries about their sexual activities and experiences. Topping the list of those who had the most sex were the Greeks at 164.

Following the land of Aphrodite were the Brazilians (145).

If you’re looking for a same-sex relationship in Zurich, there are websites specifically dedicated to finding you the right partner.

Some of these have fantastic success at matching gay and lesbian couples: gay Parship, is dedicated to finding compatible partners of the same sex and an amazing 38% of premium members report finding the right partner for them!

I’m sure you know at least one couple who met online (whether they made it public that they did or not! Whether or not you think dating online is for you, it’s like online shopping.However, despite all this good news, the Swiss were still found to be unhappy with their love lives, with only 42 per cent saying they were totally satisfied.The happiest were the Nigerians at 67 per cent and at the bottom of the league were – again – the poor old Japanese at 15 per cent.On one hand, can you blame the Swiss when 20% of their country is foreign?On the other hand, the discrimination against certain kinds of foreigners is outright embarrassing for a country that prides itself on being neutral.

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