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If you do any of the following, it's probably time to check yourself and seriously revise your thoughts on Indian men. Just give them poor guys a break and don't judge them for once. This, girls, is just like saying every girl who wears a short skirt is a slut.

Just because a guy pings a girl, it does not mean he's interested in her romantically or has an ulterior motive. If the latter sounds hideous and ridiculous, you assuming every man to be a molester and a rapist is plain stupid.

If you were operating a club, what alternate types of entertainment would you book?

That is a great question and the half Jew in me is telling me not to answer it, since I should be paid for my ideas! I noticed your tweets and his are similar at times, especially when it comes to girls. We have the same type of humor, so I understand how some may think that.

Atlantic City (HAVEN in the Golden Nugget) is filled with Jersey girls and Philly hoes who love having their pictures taken and the shit they do to win a contest is next level – pulling their skirts up and getting champagne poured on their ass (which is my personal favorite, as I am more of an ass guy).

AC has the feel of NYC in the early 2000s; a lot of GA and people walking around the club and interacting with others, I personally like that.

LA is more about people stayin’ in their table area, which happens in a lot of NYC clubs.

I always tried to travel with him because Kirill is a really nice kid and club owners can be shit heads and not give what is promised.

So I can be the dick and make sure shit gets done the way it was agreed to.

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When he finds a girl to do a facial I look around and see which girls are smiling at this other girl getting a facial and then point him in the direction of that girl to do another facial.

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