Taurus man and pisces woman dating

Posted by / 28-Oct-2016 22:19

After the last time I saw him he called me about a week later, and I got all excited, but it was just to talk about work (we used to work together).

He said he "thought of me" for a project, but I think it was an excuse to call me.

But after a few months, we broke up and he has not given me his reason why he went away but he courted me again and showed a sudden intense love for me.

He keeps on coming back to me because I am the only one who can fully understand him and can get along well with him.

No matter how much we try to stay away from each other with each breakup, we simply can't.

There's a crazy chemistry and attraction that keeps bringing us back together, at times this is plain dysfunctional but like I mentioned the highs are amazing and there's a ton of love between us, we also are very supportive to one another and that's another plus.

The Pisces woman and Taurus man share an immediate connection and seem to have a great deal on common.

When we met, the chemistry and connection were intense.

He said he's not seeing anyone but didn't want a relationship. He came back about three times but we had really good sex even though we were cool too. We had so much fun dancing, hugging, cuddling then kissing.

Every day after that he wished me a good morning text and how he couldn't wait to see me.

Now I know I have fire in my chart although I am a Pisces, but I also realize it's not what I said but how I said it, and that I never wish to see that temper again. He is very sweet and charming and always does little sweet things (letters, cards, pictures, etc.) to show he cares.

But now I'm wondering, is that his problem, or is it mine? Overall, this is a very caring, intense, and devoted partner. Pisces can generally be unstable at times, and Taurus provides a strong, yet romantic and practical anchor.

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He was so sweet although surprisingly stingy or tight w/ money. I was naive and didn't put standards as women tend to forget with men, u must train them like dogs or kids or they will expect whatever they got for whatever they gave under no conditions. I actually saw him in the dance scene but was turned off when the second time we danced he did not remember me.