Teachers dating students uk

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Since 1991, 129 teachers have been prosecuted for relationships with pupils but a Sheffield University study suggested as many as 1,500 intimate relationships develop every year.NSPCC policy advisor Zoe Hilton said: "The law is very clear that if a teacher abuses his or her position by forming a sexual relationship with a pupil they could be prosecuted and this remains the case even if the child gives their consent.

All teachers are aware of this before they even get their own class, it is rammed down their throats all through university about how wrong and unprofessional it is, and the consequences of doing so.In 2001, the law was changed to make it illegal for teachers to engage in sexual activity with pupils at their school aged under 18.But Miss Keates said the abuse of trust law had gone too far in cases where the relationship started after a pupil had reached the age of consent.Teachers should not be prosecuted for having affairs with their sixth formers, a union chief has said.NASUWT general secretary Chris Keates said it was an "anomaly" that a teacher who had sex with a pupil aged over 16 could go on the sex offenders register.

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