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According to a May 2007 report published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, teenagers who saw the most instances of smoking in movies were nearly twice as likely to try smoking themselves when compared to teens who saw the fewest instances of smoking in movies.

In a separate study published in the January 2006 issue of the Journal of Studies on Alcohol, researchers found that teens exposed to alcohol use in movies were more likely to start drinking at a young age.

If you know a teen who has started using alcohol, drugs or tobacco as a result of watching movies that glorify these pursuits, call 1-888-388-5605 to find out how you can help that teen escapes from the grips of addiction.

While the effects of movies on teens can be worrying, parents are the top influences on how teens process and respond to what they see.

They let us go places, see and experience new and different things, and they're cheaper and more convenient in many ways than live theater.

Movies are one of the most influencial types of media.

The problem begins to occur when you start viewing movies as a guideline for how to live your life or start buying into the unrealistic portrayals of attractiveness, violent behavior and drug use often seen in popular films.Jordan has done the research to back up his film’s message."One in three teens have been a victim of teen dating violence," said Jordan, an honor roll student and athlete.Movie violence is often portrayed as harmless, but it can actually cause a rise in violent behavior in some teens.In particular, realistic violence in movies, such as portrayals of domestic violence or crime, can significantly impact a teen’s mental state.

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The movie is called "Payin’ The Price," the creation of Jordan Coleman, a New Jersey 16-year-old who wrote the script and filmed around Hackensack, his hometown.

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