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You are then able to use the same nickname every time you enter the gay web chat.

Once in the chat room, you can gay group chat in the lobby or private gay chat with any other user.

You see, we don't want to just be like all the other sites like Omegle, we want to be much much better!

For this reason, we also have apps you can download, including an Android app that we have fine tuned to work as perfectly and awesomely as possible, as far as we can tell at least.

You will then have complete access to the men's chat room.

We want your chatting experience to be as stress free as possible, so that you remember this is the absolute best place if you're looking to talk to strangers like a boss.

Something else to note about our text chat is that it allows you to only have to upload your images one time per visit to our site.

First of all, you need to know this is community it's built by tranny loves for tranny lovers.

We love and admire shemale models, whether they are ladyboy celebrities, shemale cam stars or any adult transgender performer.

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That means, once you upload the pictures they will be saved for the duration of your visit and you can use them with as many different strangers as you want!

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