The dating market

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The dating market

For instance, the Roman empire’s adoption of Christianity in the fourth and fifth centuries CE contributed enormously to that religion's spread; and Christianity has obviously shaped our codes around marriage and, by extension, dating. I would only point out in defense that few modern governments are theocracies, and so they no longer bear this role in shaping our dating mores.

If your friends say that it’s wrong to cheat on a boy you’re seeing, you’ll probably absorb that as a rule of romance.

Additionally, secular dating habits have sprung up that religions ignore or actively oppose (I find it hard to imagine the Papacy sanctioning a hook-up, for instance), which reinforces the bottom-up nature of our dating “rules.”Now, what if the dating market were regulated like other industries? Government rules around marriage, far from improving on the concept, make it expensive and exclusionary.

Regulations create perverse incentives: the high cost of a legal divorce, for instance, pushes unhappy people to stay together.

So is a person’s job, where he or she pours time into learning what is necessary to create a product or service of value.

Many people spend forty hours a week — almost one-quarter of one’s life — working. So are the illicit substances that some people choose to ingest.

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