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And actor Mark Patton, who starred as Jesse (and who later publicly came out as gay), also confessed that he pretty much figured out what was going on.The director, however, had his head in the clouds the whole damn time. How else do you explain a game on Jesse’s closet called ?The teenage victims try to speak out, but, like most teenagers, aren’t taken very seriously by their parents.

It did not receive nearly as much praise as the original film, but the film is still infamous for one particular reason: it’s gay as hell.

” Well, combine this with the fact that he tries to have sex with his girlfriend but can’t because, oh, his tongue turns into a monstrous object and he freaks out and scatters off, leaving her sad and alone.

(Creepy gross tongues = homosexuality, naturally.) Jesse runs from his girlfriend and his hesitation toward having sex with her, and where does he end up?

In the bedroom of his best friend, Ron, to whom Jesse screams, “Something is trying to get inside my body!

” Ron naturally replies, “Yeah, and she’s female and she’s waiting for you in the cabana and you want to sleep with me.” (Of course he does, Ron!

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(Apparently I should have played more baseball as a teen? Well, it is, until Coach is tied up by a mysterious force and then whipped with towels while Jesse watches.