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The ten commandments of dating

This is also the only part of New York where women are welcome to go au naturel, so stock up on those Korean face masks and skip the makeup for that whole Glossier-esque look. Anyway, it’s not about me, it’s about , so lay off the relationship talk and just live in the moment. Go away to a farm and milk goats together, it will bond you!

You might actually end up eloping, because, according to this article, Millennials are really into “starter marriages” these days.

Whilst moving back from Paris six months ago, I bitterly bid adieu to many things I loved – fresh croissants, Dries sample sales, cheap travel, men in great suits, the list goes on.

In the midst of these misgivings, one of the consolatory thoughts that kept me going was the knowledge that New York had evolved significantly over the years, propelling the rise of an entire new micro-oasis, equipped with its own cultural trends, sartorial codes, and my own personal form of male kryptonite – Brooklyn hipsters in all their disheveled glory!

Since doing so is way more expensive than it sounds, most of them survive on a hybrid of freelance jobs and creative pursuits, with the more entrepreneurial (and resourceful) launching startups and small businesses. News flash from across the river: SOCIAL MEDIA IS PASSÉ, reserved for money-driven opportunists who have sold their souls for swag. Be it meditation or hypnotherapy or Ayahuasca, you just need one thing to talk about at parties, so study up!

If you do happen to have an adult office job, you must counterbalance it with at least one artisanal pursuit, be it mixing your own coconut oil toothpaste in a tepee, or selling hand-woven blankets at Brooklyn Flea. In fact, the most progressive Brooklynites are actually neo-luddists who reject technology in favor of “authentic” old-school communication. If it all starts getting confusing, just remember that most of these things are all pretty similar and revolve around positive energy and karma and all that basic Buddhist stuff that can be found in The Diamond Cutter.

It seems that most men think honesty is actually taboo when most women are truly ready for it. What’s funny is that I’m not even bitter about relationships or even about men. When I go out on a date, I’m interested in knowing more about the person I’m seeing. It’s great to check in every day and ask how we’re doing.

Sure, there’s attraction, but I love to hear the stories, to find out what makes this guy tick. But if that’s the only conversation we have, we’re not going to stay interested. Open up some topics for conversation and actually participate beyond small talk.

We’re definitely not at all impressed with a dating culture eaten up by dishonesty. Go ahead and fly whatever freak flag you’re hiding because we’re going to figure it out sooner or later, and if it’s later, we might be a bit p*ssed that you hid it—particularly if been honest at each juncture.

After months of extensive research via the powers bestowed upon me by Raya (who should probably pay me, at this point!

), I am pleased to present the 10 Commandments that one should follow if attempting to navigate the wacky waters of this outer borough! As a general rule of thumb, most Brooklynites date their own kind, aiming to keep their community about as segregated as their Ultra-Orthodox neighbors on the other end of Bedford.

Pursue your passions, and a scruffy Brooklyn boy will pursue you! About the world, about the environment, about the greenhouse gas emission expediting us towards global warming, about the rhinos and elephants and other wildlife species being poached for the sake of oligarch entertainment, about the billions of dollars of food waste currently castrating our planet. If you are still social media active, you must have a small following that is uber-engaged in all the altruistic do-goodness you share with them. Memorize that thing and pretend to quote your guru or shaman, nobody will ever know! Since Brooklyn essentially happens to be one large commune, it comes as no surprise that the most socialist of candidates has found immense support here. This is something I love about Brooklyn, as it evokes the low-key approach of Paris that allows one to live life in Converse sneakers.

Pick one cause and learn everything there is to know about it, or, better yet, launch your own activist agenda, whether it’s shareable solar energy or the defense of the ugly carrots of this world. Bernie-mania is palpable on every billboard-adorned street corner, and, as we learned last week, political views are pretty important in a romantic relationship within our generation, so you better Bernie it or beat it! Yet, many Brooklyn girls actually look intimidatingly good, probably as a result of living life on lentils.

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