Trey songz dating history

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When Songz graduated from high school, he moved in full-time with Taylor in New Jersey, hoping to make a career in music..The album was a moderate success, selling 395,000 copies and peaking at No. Always devoted to his family, Songz used his newfound wealth to fulfill a childhood promise to buy his mother a new home."When he finally saw it, he ran up and down the stairs like a little kid, because we had never had a house," his mother once recalled."It's funny, but the only man in my life who has actually done what he said he was gonna do is the one I raised." In 2007, Songz released his second album,, which peaked at No. The album featured Songz's first hit single, "Can't Help But Wait," which reached No.

To maintain his musical interests during the school year, Songz and some of his friends formed a vocal group called All Night Productions that performed at local parties and events.She didn't have to worry, though; Songz's performance—his first before a large audience—was a success, a precursor to his future success in the music business.A year later, at the age of 15, Songz met New Jersey-based music producer Troy Taylor.Unless you've been under a rock or just try your hardest to block out anything soccer, you probably know Mario Balotelli.The Italian footballer has an eccentric personality, is spectacular at times on the pitch, hangs out with people like Drake and Paris Hilton, and has been known to date a lady or two. He's dated his fair share of super models, dabbled with pornstars and hookers, and a couple pageant girls.

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He worked out intensively (developing the chiseled abs and muscular frame he flaunts, shirtless, on the album cover), chopped off his braids, and traded his baggy jeans and sneakers for tailored pants and button-down shirts. 3 on the Billboard album charts and flooded radio airwaves with a whopping six hit singles: "I Need a Girl," "Successful," "LOL Smiley Face," "I Invented Sex," "Say Aah" and "Neighbors Know My Name.", he sacrificed originality for commercial success. "It definitely changes people, and it can take you to another world, if you allow it to." To combat fame's potential ill effects, Songz gives back to his community and his family.

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