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She would have burned to death had her husband not put the fire out, burning himself badly in the process.

Surgery has not erased the scars, and Janette and Hamed have lined, defeated faces.

In February 2013, 151 families signed a petition to the European Union.

“We do not know the exact number of missing people,” they wrote, “but we know there are a lot—hundreds from Tunisia alone.”With no real pressure for accountability or information-sharing coming from elsewhere, what is happening in this community may become a model.

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, Wertane thinks that her husband, Nabil, is still alive, that her mobile will ring and he will tell her he has found work in Italy, or France, that he will soon be home with money to buy them a house.

She is a qualified teacher of Arabic, but there is no job for her in any local school.

She lives in two small rooms and would not survive, she explains, without help from her parents and Nabil’s brother. Wertane lives in El Kabariya, a poor suburb of Tunis, where electricity cables sag across the dusty streets and many of the buildings are half-built or derelict.

Tunisia collects fingerprints from its citizens, and Italy collects them for national identity cards: the mothers wanted to press the Italian government for an exchange.For months, increasingly frantic, Janette did the rounds of the various ministries in Tunis, clamouring for news, writing letters, trying to get answers from Italy.One day, overcome with anguish, she set fire to her clothes.They want to know exactly what happened to their loved ones.If they are dead, they want to know where their bodies lie. Like the mothers of those who disappeared in Argentina during the years of military dictatorship they stage sit-ins, demonstrate and file petitions.

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All had talked, with longing and anger, of the need to leave Tunisia, to go somewhere they could find work and earn money to send home.