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I had faced a similar problem with Lync where the entire address book from the Outlook would not sync. Remove the contact which is causing the issue and re-feed it to the outlook. My answers are strictly relating to problems I faced and solution found. The Lync Updates are all installed this has been dealt with before it is not a matter of just restarting lync.I had tried may ways to Sync the contacts but could not succeed. Check if Lync communicator has any important update pending. Outlook and Lync have been reinstalled in an attempt to fix this and still the same.How can I make sure the user's Lync contacts are synced?We cannot edit the logon script as this is a company wide logon script for a multinational company and this fault only affects this single user. May be sometimes it takes time to sync the contact.All of these contacts have numbers and email addresses.The user recently changed a number for one contact that she interacts with frequently. We discovered the contacts in Lync do not match the contacts in Outlook.

This means that the contact does not have a number on Lync and therefore cannot be contacted, even though the number is present in Outlook.Nothing seems to have been done to the hotel since then and it is extremely tatty and in need of a lot of investment at this stage.The first impression when you get to the entrance is...There were only about 10 people in the place, including us 4.The internal architecture in this pub is quite grand and one could imagine that it has hosted some grand occassions in its history. Stopped in late afternoon for lunch with my family, should of left as I walked in the smell in lobby is terrible.

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Horrible service at the bar and awful treatment from who I can only assume was a bouncer/security. What a shame this hotel has been allowed to deteriorate the way it has. The room was pleasant and I would say had been decorated in the last year or two.

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