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If you're trying to upgrade from a 32-bit version of Windows, you'll have to wipe the entire partition—in other words, kiss your data goodbye.

Be sure to back it up before you go through the process.

Boot Camp currently supports Windows 10 on a range of Macs dated mid-2012 or newer.

By default, Mac will always boot from the last-used startup disk.

Related question: how can I tell precisely which version of Boot Camp I am actually running.

As @bmike♦ said, Boot Camp gets updated when you update OS X: indeed i'm running 10.11 and i've got Boot Camp Assistant version 6.

The boot manager can also be launched by holding down the “menu” button on the Apple Remote at startup.

On older Macs, its functionality relies on BIOS emulation through EFI and a partition table information synchronization mechanism between GPT and MBR combined.

Boot Camp Assistant is a multi boot utility included with Apple Inc.'s Mac OS X that assists users in installing Microsoft Windows operating systems on Intel-based Macintosh computers.

The utility guides users through non-destructive disk partitioning (including resizing of an existing HFS partition, if necessary) of their hard disk drive and installation of Windows device drivers for the Apple hardware.

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Previous versions of Boot Camp supported Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

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