Updating htc t8585 touch flo 3d

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Updating htc t8585 touch flo 3d

I am aware of xda ROM's such as dutty's XTREME, etc. It may never be released for the HD by HTC since it's meant to complement new hardware models.

From the HTC Hero The Today screen plugin is the main aspect of Touch FLO 3D, and consists of several tabs, which can be viewed by sliding a finger along the bottom bar or touching one of the visible icons.The tabs to the immediate right and left of the current tab can be accessed by swiping in the relevant direction.The tabs are: Each tab has two soft keys which provide access to functions associated with a tab or tab customisation.Touch FLO can be found on these phones: The HTC Touch Viva and HTC Touch 3G have a version of Touch FLO 3D that lacks the 3D visual effects found on other devices with Touch FLO 3D.HTC is also calling this significantly different user interface Touch FLO.

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