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Updating rails 2 2

If you found the upgrade process would take much longer, it sometimes makes sense to invest in making your app “cluster” ready, meaning that you can run multiple versions of the app simultaneously.This would allow you to use and test the new version internally, even before it’s shipped to your users.By the way, is that what we always tell before every major software rewrite?😉 We simply can’t be aware of all the pitfalls, which is one of the things that makes me love the nature of software development —isn’t it adventurous?!” by Mario Alberto Chavez, though I am sure there are more great posts that I haven’t yet discovered.You might be excited about the new features, get all the Gem dependencies right and then find out that some core Rails changes break your app.Fighting gem dependencies The first thing to do before starting any upgrade is to check your Ruby Gem dependencies.If you aren’t Basecamp, you probably use a bunch of gems that extend the functionality of your app beyond the Rails’s “default backpack”.

By the way, there are lots of good posts covering the new features of Rails 5, so I will just mention one that I really liked: “What’s new in Rails 5?Totally agree with David, dealing with Web Sockets is a pain in the butt and I wanted something that would seamlessly integrate with our Rails app, following the familiar conventions and without the need to run anything on the side — no more polling, no Server-Sent Events — yay!If you haven’t watched the talk, check it out here: Perhaps the most challenging part of upgrading to any major software release is understanding how much work it would require.There might be more breaking changes that will add up the time to your upgrade process.Allocating time Another important decision to make is how and when to take the time for the upgrade.

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But on the other hand, I try not to procrastinate either.

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