Updating registry

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Updating registry

For instance, I didn’t include the fifth option (Allow local admin to choose setting) because it has no effect on standalone machines.

I added the options for the scheduled time to configure when Windows will reboot after installing the updates, but you have to edit the values in the script if you want to use this feature.

Because Windows 10 Home doesn’t support Group Policy, these settings can’t be used for this Windows edition.

Thus, you can use the procedures described here only with Windows 10 Pro and Windows 10 Enterprise.

If the corresponding keys don’t exist, you have to create them.This is to ensure that our support department tracks and addresses all issues.Log in to the Registrar Portal and submit a support request online. You can also copy the contents of the code below to a file with the extension and then double-click it.Disclaimer: I take no responsibility for what my guide will do to your computer.

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If you moved within the county, you may also report a change of address on election day at the polling place for the address where you live.

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