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Updating sony bdp s350

o Sony cannot guarantee that other external USB hard drives will support the BD-Live functions.BD-Live Notes * BD-Live allows you to enjoy additional content and services while playing a BD-Live capable disc.When it upconverted DVDs to 1080p, I thought it provided better color than the Sony Play Station 3 did.I wasn't quite so impressed with how it handled colors from Blu-ray discs, feeling they were duller compared with what I saw from the PS3 in Even so, I have to say that the images were pleasing overall; if you don't have another player side by side with it as we had, you're unlikely to notice these things.

I noted a slight lag when pausing, and a longer one when skipping chapters.Any way you look at it, the 0 (as of 2/18/09) Sony BDP-S350 is an excellent Blu-ray player. It supports high-end Blu-ray features such as BD-Live. The judges in our PC World Test Center evaluation graded the BDP-S350 with a mixture of Good and Very Good scores, with the Very Goods seeing a slight edge.Of all the judges, I was the most pleased with this player.This utility updates the BDP-S360 firmware to version 007, and provides the following benefits: Improvements over firmware version 006: * Improves compatibility to enhance interactivity with some BD-ROMs.Benefits provided by previous updates and included in version 007 * Adds support for using an external USB hard drive for BD-Live functions.

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