Updating the deployment share Broadcast free no sign sex cam

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Updating the deployment share

Any media using the boot images will need updating.The copy the new Lite Touch PE_x86to WDS: 1) Open WDS and open the Boot Images folder 2) If an existing Lite Touch PE is present you can Replace it. Browse to \Deployment Share\Boot and select the new boot image and complete the wizard 3) If no Lite Touch PE is present you can Right click the open space and select Add Boot Image.The Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) 2013 Update 1 is now available on the Microsoft Download Center.This update requires the Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit (ADK) for Windows 10, available on the Microsoft Hardware Dev Center.

Note You must use the same platform edition of Windows PE to start computers for installing each platform edition of Windows.

You have the additional option of automatically adding video and system device drivers from the deployment share to the Windows PE boot images.

You can also perform additional customizations of your Windows PE images.

The defaults, as shown in the previous image, are fine here.

You will typically only select the compress checkbox when you have retired a model of hardware and want to reclaim this driver whitespace out of the Win PE build.

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