Updating to 1 1 3

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Updating to 1 1 3

Use the same update file that is downloaded from the official DJI website.Ensure the remote controller’s remaining battery level is at least 50%. Extract all downloaded files into the root directory of an SD card or USB thumb drive. With the remote controller powered off, insert the SD card into a SD card reader and plug the reader into the USB port on the remote.The Status LED on the remote controller will show a solid green light and the beeping sound will stop when the upgrade is complete.The Status LED on the remote controller will show a solid red light if the upgrade fails. Updating Intelligent Flight Battery Firmware The Intelligent Flight Battery’s firmware is updated during the aircraft firmware update process.

Updating the Remote Controller Firmware Step 1- Check Battery The remote controller firmware is included in the aircraft firmware update package.Do not power off the remote controller during the update. It will take approximately 10 minutes to complete the firmware update.The Inspire 1’s camera will emit a beeping sound and the Status LED on the remote controller will show a solid blue light to indicate the update is in progress.Or if using a USB thumb drive, plug it directly into the remote’s USB port.If you do not have a SD card reader or USB thumb drive, you may insert the SD card into the gimbal and connect the gimbal to the remote controller with a USB cable. Power on the remote controller and wait 20 seconds until the upgrade begins.

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The Q Founder, Q Marshal and Q Wander are eligible for the update.