Userdisp aspx not updating

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I have not found a clear answer on this common issue, was hoping some one could clarify a good solution or workaround.

I have Mysites disabled, NTAuthority\Authenticated Users group removed from SSP-Personalization services permissions, and no other User or Group in there has the feature checked to 'Create personal site' or 'Use personal features' My intent is to simply be able to navigate to the page from a list or library that has a column type Person or Group, so that you can see the User Profile properties. But, it has a requirement I've never done before.

For example, my account in the NA domain with a s AMAccount Name of krichie (NA\krichie).

For various reasons, nothing I find on the web seems to be working - so I want to take another route, provided some talented-kind-soul will help.

Is it possible to embed into the markup for the page a link to the file on the local intranet that the users can click on to run the file?

The user accessing the page would capture that they did just that.

Since the User List Form property is protected (sigh), we need to find the control ourselves.

Find Control doesn’t search down the control tree, so we need a method that does: This iterative implementation should perform better than its recursive alternative, particularly on a deep tree like that which Share Point generates. Rather than reinvent the wheel, I used Zac Smith‘s example as a starting point: Finally, we need a feature to activate the control.

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It should come from the User Information List, but I can't figure out how to get it. Information Management Division Data Context dc = new Sp IMDLists. Information Management Division Data Context(new Uri("https://myurl/Site Directory/IMD/_vti_bin/List Data.svc/")); dc.

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