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The fierce bonds of family are tested against the temptations of love when Benny (Matthew Frias), a Mexican-American medical student at the University of Akron, and Christopher (Edmund Donovan), a handsome arts undergraduate, meet at a pickup football game.

The connection is instant, and with the support of their family and friends, Benny and Christopher start a relationship.

David Stuart As the practice of chemsex (mixing drugs with sex) has increased, it seems everyone has an opinion on it, both inside and outside of the gay community.

VICE directors Max Gogarty and William Fairman focus on participants in a 56 Dean Street Sexual Health Clinic program (led by special guest Dr.

A whimsical and true-to-life collection that reminds us of the irresistible joys and pains of love.

Screening Sponsors: Delta Airlines, Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association, VIFF Vancity Theatre Our newest local showcase Changemakers returns with a moving and inspiring selection about local trans* activists who work with compassion, tenacity and creativity to transform their communities for the better.

With candid footage of participants’ engagement with the chemsex scene, images of drug use (injection and otherwise) and sex, the film offers an opportunity for more conversations about intimacy, HIV, and wellness. David Stuart of London’s 56 Dean St Clinic, and a panel discussion with some of Vancouver’s leading health workers.

With gorgeous cinematography that owes much of its sparkling tones to the setting of Lake Bolsena, Arianna is a stylish, skilfully crafted rumination on the decisions that are made for us.

Spotlight Sponsor: Screening Sponsor: Hospital Employees Union Joey (Lola Kirke) is a bright young woman living in a small town.

Despite modest gains in her breast size due to hormones from specialists recommended by her doctor dad, Arianna is convinced there’s something wrong with her.

As she watches the other young adults frolic around the countryside, she is motivated by an insatiable yearning to feel something new.

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