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Unless your state law provides otherwise, the FDCPA only requires debt collectors, not original creditors, to verify debts in certain circumstances.This includes law firms that are routinely engaged in collecting debts.This means that even if the debt is legitimately yours and is owed, you still have a right to request verification.A debt collector may not ask you to cite reasons why you want verification of the debt.A collector may, but does not have to, send information you specifically request in your verification letter.You may have a particular reason why you want the debt validated.If you are out of the thirty day verification period, you can still send a request for verification, and often collectors will comply.

A debt collector cannot make you prove or demonstrate the invalidity of the debt, or make you provide reasons why you want verification of the debt.You have the right to request verification of your debt within a specific period of time.This period is sometimes called the “verification period.” The collector is required to inform you of your right to verify the debt, with a standard notice, when the verification period starts.Even a simple letter to you saying it has researched the debt and confirmed that it’s correct, will meet the legal requirements for responding to your request for verifying debt.Sometimes, a collector will provide meaningful information, such as a loan or credit agreement, or a loan history, in response to a verification request.

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A collector could not say, for example, “pay immediately” or “if payment is not made in five days your credit will be affected.” The collector can only make general attempts to collect, such as sending you collection notices that list the debt and asking you to contact them, without making immediate threats of collection.

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