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Validating dynamically created textboxes

If the e-mail address is not in the standard format (containing "@" and "."), the validation fails, an Error Provider icon is displayed, and the event is canceled.

This example requires that a Text Box and Error Provider control have been created on a form.

By Bill Evjen Reuters December 2003 Applies to: Microsoft® ASP. NET validation server controls that are at your disposal.

NET Summary: Learn how to use all the available ASP.

NET code directly from Fox Pro and helps overcome most of the limitations of regular .

This paper focuses on a series of controls that stand out from the rest—.

Validation server controls are a series of controls that help you validate the data that the user enters into the other controls that are provided with ASP. They determine whether the form can be processed based upon the rules that you define in the validation server controls.

One of the most common elements of Web pages is a form in which the user can input data that is posted back to the server.

For more information, see the WM_KILLFOCUS topic in the "Keyboard Input Reference" section, and the "Message Deadlocks" section of the "About Messages and Message Queues" topic in the MSDN library at

The following code example uses the derived class Text Box and validates an e-mail address that the user enters.

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This paper introduces these new controls and discusses tips and tricks on working with them in practical scenarios.