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Validating forms in coldfusion

The Validate() method, then passes the bean's instance data off to the Validate() method of the valdiation behavior instance.

Once I had the concept of a validation behavior, I had to start building the validation behaviors for our and our

To do this, I updated the to have a Validation Behavior variable and a Validate() method.

This way, the validation can be passed off to the validation behavior while still allowing the object to appear as if it were a "Smart" object that knows how to validate itself: Notice that we also have the method Set Validation Behavior().

Ok, now onto the the action page that actually handles the form submission and the data validation. For starters, I have added the validation behaviors from above.What happens when the validation is a business rule that involves other parts of the system.For example, what if the validation needed to make sure that no other Girls in the system existed with the same first and last name combination.This really leaves your code "open" for extension and "closed" for change, which, if you have read any design pattern books, is something we are definitely shooting for.I also liked moving the error flag to message translation in to a sepparate display file.

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Moving it into a separate display file made it feel more coupled to the View (which is really what makes more sense), and makes the code seem more organized in general.