Validating parameters in batch files

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Validating parameters in batch files

I tried something like this, by creating a property for the system executable cmd.exe, which would execute the batch script via the /c switch.

Then I created a custom action that relies on the property.

Part 2 is rounded out with a few other vital bits on leveraging the Power Shell environment.

Be sure to review part 1 first, though, which begins by showing you how to have Power Shell itself help you figure out what you need to do to accomplish a task, covering the help system as well as its handy command-line intellisense.

I suppose if I made sure all batch file arguments are enclosed in quotes, I wouldn’t need the quotes in the sqlcmd parameters list.It also examines locations, files, and paths (the basic currency of a shell); key syntactic constructs; and ways to cast your output in list, table, grid, or chart form.covers the two fundamental data structures of Power Shell: the collection (array) and the hash table (dictionary), examining everything from creating, accessing, iterating, ordering, and selecting.Part 3 also covers converting between strings and arrays, and rounds out with techniques for searching, most commonly applicable to files (searching both directory structures as well as file contents).is your information source for a variety of input and output techniques: reading and writing files; writing the various output streams; file housekeeping operations; and various techniques related to CSV, JSON, database, network, and XML.

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So while there are a few brief introductory remarks for each section, there is very little explanation for any given incantation. Note: Out of necessity, the version of the tables in the articles is somewhat compressed.