Validating scanner profiles

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Validating scanner profiles

Destination configuration issues; Unable to successfully create shortcut; Will not validate; Unable to connect to share; Cannot configure scan to network; Problem with embedded solution; Scan to network embedded solution; SMB configuration; CIFS configuration; This embedded solution software does not replace the functionality of a network TWAIN driver.A network TWAIN driver will still be required for the MFP to scan to TWAIN-compliant software applications.ABSTRACT: Road markings are used to provide guidance and instruction to road users for safe and comfortable driving.Enabling rapid, cost-effective and comprehensive approaches to the maintenance of route networks can be greatly improved with detailed information about location, dimension and condition of road markings.ABSTRACT: Multiple laser scanner hardware configurations can be applied to Mobile Mapping Systems.As best practice, laser scanners are rotated horizontally or inclined vertically to increase the probability of contact between the laser scan plane and any surfaces that are perpendicular to the direction of travel.

Administrators can uncheck settings to disallow adjustment of scan settings at run-time from the control panel.

The recorded intensity data can be used to distinguish the road markings from other road surface elements due to their higher retro-reflective property.

In this paper, we present an automated algorithm for extracting road markings from MLS data.

Limited information is available to assist the manufacturers or operators in identifying the optimal scanner orientation for roadside surveys.

The method proposed in this paper applies 3D surface normals and geometric formulae to assess the influence of scanner orientation on point distribution.

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