Validating that audit has been initialized

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Validating that audit has been initialized

This wikibook is dedicated to all the Business Analysts out there helping their business units meet their goals, day after day, project after project!!Kelly Smith-Lawless Guidebook Co-Chair NYS Information Technology Services Business Analysts are all about communication!These definitions will ensure that staff can focus on BA activities and are allocated only to those tasks, rather than as an addendum to the responsibilities for other jobs within an Agency.The best way to succeed on any type of project is to have a strong, experienced Project Manager (PM) and a strong, experienced Business Analyst (BA).We felt that to gain acceptance of this guide as a NYS standard--we would be better served having NYS help us put on the finishing touches together.We would like this to be a collaborative effort that we can all use and follow.On some projects one person is required to act as both the PM and the BA. For the individual, the challenge is to be aware of the overarching project management activities and manage the balance between those activities and the BA activities that must also occur.

It was at this point that some effort was made to better understand what exactly a Business Analyst is, and what BA responsibilities should include.While we will happily accept any and all feedback and edits--we strongly encourage you to set up a wiki account and make your edits logged in.This will be helpful to the Committee as we review and modify the book going forward.They are responsible for ensuring that all Stakeholders share a common understanding of requirements and project or operational deliverables.This is accomplished by: The intent of this Guidebook is to provide approach, tool, and technique guidance to any New York State-employed BA or Agency staff performing BA Activities.

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The PM keeps an eye on the management of the project, ensuring the project delivers on time, on budget and with the full scope of the requirements met.

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