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The group then decided that they would steer the development of the album toward what they dubbed a "punk rock opera." Prior to recording, Green Day rented rehearsal space in Oakland.

Armstrong invited Cavallo to attend the sessions and help guide their writing processes.

Rather than re-record that material, the group decided to start over.

A concept album and "punk rock opera," American Idiot follows the story of Jesus of Suburbia, an adolescent anti-hero who is divided between "rage and love." Through its plot, the album expresses the disillusionment and dissent of a generation that came of age in a period shaped by many tumultuous events like the Iraq War.

The recording process was cut short when the album's master tapes were stolen.We kept connecting these little half-minute bits until we had something." This musical suite became "Homecoming", and the group subsequently wrote another suite, "Jesus of Suburbia".Soon afterward, Armstrong penned the record's title track, which explicitly addresses sociopolitical issues.The album was inspired by several musicals and the work of The Who.Recording of American Idiot was split between two California studios between 20. American Idiot marked a career comeback for Green Day following a period of decreased success.

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It charted in 27 countries, peaking at number one in 19, and eventually sold 15 million copies worldwide.