Video sex datin

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Video sex datin

Lavoisier had become a Christian and left before Datin arrived. “Lyrically, [Datin] can compete with anybody, Christian or secular,” said Bizzle.

But Lavoisier heard about his successor and found Datin on Myspace. “Even the features you’ve been hearing him on lately … Somebody is going to sign him, so I went ahead and did it.” Bizzle featured Datin twice on his album Well Wishes. The following Bible verse is featured on the about page on the label’s official website, 1 Timothy 6:7-10.

“One Body, One Spirit” addresses Christians as a bold call for unity that …

Read More » In case your sleeping on his new album The Roar, God Over Money’s Datin just dropped this new video to thoroughly prove he is lyrically one of the best out, while also making much about his Lord Jesus Christ. by Daniel Steele with additional production by Tee-Wyla 4. Read More » This song drop couldn’t have come at a better time!

In a new video for the song “Hallelujah All Day” he praises martyrs for their commitment to faith.

This is what Datin didn’t want to lose as he opened up a Bible the day after watching The Passion of the Christ. Datin had mentored him into the next best rapper on Divided Minds, but King quit because of his newfound faith. Long told Datin she left Bad Boy for the sake of her Christian faith and offered him advice.

Obviously, the entire idea of a rap battle is generally based upon the concept of trying to humiliate your opponent with skillful and prideful punchlines of your own. Read More » Datin’s God Over Money debut album The Roar is out and making waves within CHH.

While it’s full of top quality tracks featuring his incredible lyricism and dope production, it was actually the words of an interlude that caught my attention.

There are some new faces this time; check it out in the video below: Pre-order the album on i Tunes or …

Read More » It’s clear from his lyrical content that God Over Money’s Datin has a sincere interest in eschatology.

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Long sacrificing fame for faith shocked Datin, especially because, “She’s seen the top and walked away from it all,” he said.

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