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The higher the value, the more saturated the color.6. Haze subtraction improves the contrast of an image automatically.7. Jpeg (Joint Photographic Experts Group) is a standard web image format.

Jpeg Quality provides a balance between image lossy compression and image quality.

With a CCD (charged coupled device, a digital image processing method) camera, an auto iris lens is required to perform day/night imaging.

If your camera will only be used for daylight imaging, a manual iris (set to a pinhole) will be fine (and will usually produce higher quality images than an auto iris lens, at a lower cost).5. Saturation represents the amount of color in the image.

Most Weather Cams transfer jpeg files automatically based on a schedule using File Transfer Protocol (FTP) to a remote hosting service to provide near real time images and avoid security measures.

Free Image Hosting Services: You can host your own images, or take advantage of a number of free hosting services.

Weather Camera Purchase Guide: Weather Cameras, Web Cams, Weather Cams, IP Cameras, Network Cameras, Live Weather Cameras, Weather Camera Reviews, Weather Camera Installation, Weather Camera Software.

The following is a guide to purchasing, installing and maintaining a Weather Cam.

Weather features image archiving with a historical calendar, which displays month-long cycles of weather data, current conditions and time lapse movie animation of the day's weather. Po E avoids running seperate outdoor power cables.3. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight may cause some Web Cam images to fade.The higher the number, the less compression in the image, but the bigger the file size.Wireless Network Web Cams: Wireless Network Web Cams are compatible with standard 802.11 wireless devices, allowing you to install and operate a Web Cam without running network cables.Setting the iris properly will extend the sensor life.4. Most cameras require external enclosures to operate in extreme hot, cold and humid environments. The amount of detail that the Web Cam can capture is called the resolution, measured in pixels.The enclosure doesnt help in cold environments unless the enclosure is completely sealed (which can cause condensation on the window) or contains a blower. The more pixels a camera has, the more detail it can capture and the larger pictures can be without becoming blurry or grainy.2. Exposure range is a function of lens aperture (the amount of light it gathers) and shutter speed (how long light is gathered), expressed in seconds.

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This requires a streaming video server on the backbone of the network (a paid service, based on bandwith).

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