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Webcam forums

I thought VAS provided functionality to use USB webcams?

The NI-IMAQdx driver software is needed to use third-party image acquisition devices which use the following buses and standards: Gigabit Ethernet Cameras Supporting Gig E Vision Fire Wire IEEE 1394 Cameras USB 2.0 Cameras Supporting Microsoft Direct Show USB 3.0 Cameras Supporting USB3 Vision Did you install IMAQdx and the sub-item for Webcamera support to the 9035 itself?

Hello there, I'm trying to port this Xamarin.i OS example to Xamarin. The "Did Output Sample Buffer" gets called and I manage to repeatedly load an NSImage in a NSImage View, but if I try to load the webcam frame, nothing happens, no errors, no frames.

Should I modify the "Image From Sample Buffer" method?

I made a successful live stream last night, but now the light on my camera doesn't even light up, and the stream has no webcam.

I tried installing the program for the webcam, logitech c270.

So I uninstalled that software, and I'm just using the basic drivers that windows installs automatically. i wonder if it has anything to do with the Xbox game dvr not that it uses are webcam.i haven't tried this but, has anyone tried repairing the desktop app?

Windows 10 - pretty sure i have the anniversary update.i have win10 64 bit anniversary edition as well. thinking of repairing, then uninstalling and a fresh re-install. Seeing that i can confirm it has nothing to do with the blizzard games themselves.

And believe me that after 4 days with no rain you relish the showers however long they are and they do nothing to dampen your enjoyment of the islands.

I just purchased a Sony Vaio FZ series notebook that comes with a built-in Motion Eye webcam.

It takes 1.3 megapixel stills, but the video quality is really awful at just 640 by 480. That webcam was not even 1.3 megapixel, but the pics were much more vibrant in color, though there was more fuzziness in them.

Unless someone monitors the webcams day and night and makes adjustments accordingly (a service which we cannot provide), there is no way we can meet all preferences, all of the time.

Our compromise is to have someone who adjusts the cameras in and out from time to time in order to make all webcam watchers happy at least some of the time.

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Most webcams are, but it is possible to find some that are only supported by custom drivers and thus will not work. I installed the USB3 support from the Vision module and thought that it was sufficient because the IMAQdx doesn't show up in the standard list of installable modules (you have to do a custom install to find the IMAQdx drivers and the USB Webcam support).

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