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On May 1, 2004, the same day as Hungary joined the European Union, the former company, named Westel (which was owned entirely by the former Matáv) changed its name, and the entire marketing.Westel was the most popular cellphone network in Hungary at the time.The company has been operating in the Macedonian market since 1996.

On July 1, 1992, Deutsche Bundespost Telekom's De Te Mobil subsidiary began operating Germany's first GSM 900 MHz frequency cellular network, which the organization referred to as D-Netz.This left T-Mobile and 3 with the largest HSDPA mobile phone network in the country.In March 2010, the European Commission approved this merger on the condition that the combined company sell 25% of the spectrum it owns on the 1800 MHz radio band and amend a network sharing agreement with smaller rival 3. Since it was bought by T-Mobile in 2006, it is no longer a legally independent company.By June 2007, T-Mobile reached one million subscribers, out of which 85 percent were active and using their services. It has a GSM 900 licence, offers GPRS, MMS and mobile internet services using T-Mobile Hot Spots and has implemented the EDGE fast mobile internet specification.T-Mobile Macedonia applied for a UMTS licence on 1 August 2007. The T-Mobile brand entered the Montenegrin market in 2006 through the acquisition of Mo Net GSM mobile provider.

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Until 2000, T-Mobile was a shareholder of the former max.mobil. In April 2001, it acquired one hundred percent and subsequently introduced the T-Mobile brand in Austria by rebranding max.mobil. In 2005, it acquired former competitor from Western Wireless International. is administratively independent and now acts primarily as a discount-offer, similar to Yesss and Bo B of A1.

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