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What is wifi validating identity

You could test this temporarily by turning off encryption on the wireless router.

I am not sure why the new wireless NIC does not work as if you just installed it should be carrying default settings.

Thanks for any advice Graham Lets start with the wired connection.

: I suspect you are right, as I said it's quite an old laptop, even the updated driver is still from 2007, if I turn off encryption (I presume in the router settings) will everything go back to its original state when I turn it back on? Yeah this is strange but may have something to do wth the fact that the laptop's still running Service Pack 2, certainly the people with these error messages on the various forums were nearly all running XP and most SP2.

I tried to connect to the LAN using Ethernet (again after updating the driver), although I am apparently connected I can't reach the Internet and can't see what settings might need tweaking.

I am fast running out of ideas and wonder whether the laptop's wireless capabilities simply aren't up to it?

This happens even on a pc, Fire Fox fails also to load a page even if I tell it to ignore the certificate, so if I download it separately and double click it, everything works normally I know this is late coming, but I designed a tool just for this purpose.

I was having trouble with my Droid, so I created this tool: Realm B's Android Certificate Installer.

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Therefore, the certificates of the certification authority (CRU-Cybertrust Cybertrust and-global-root-ca.ca) must be installed prior to the browser for the validity of the certificate server can be controlled automatically. If this procedure is not respected, a real risk is incurred by the user: that of being robbed password LDAP directory UPMC.