When do dj and steve start dating

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When he and DJ went to prom together in the series finale, I audibly swooned in front of my television.

I thought DJ and Steve were destined to be together. Flash-forward 20 years, and my warm and fuzzies for Steve have started to turn into minor disgust. Instead, DJ married a handsome firefighter named Tommy Fuller, and they had three adorable sons.

Fuller House Season 2: Jackson’s Crush Promoted to Series Regular First up is C. It should also come as no surprise that the similarities will irk D. (Despite ‘s history of having actors play two roles — hello, Cousin Stavros! Dating Cristal sounds like an obvious ploy to make D.

“from the way they look to the way they speak to the way they act,” and it should come as no surprise that she’ll be dating Steve. to be played by an actress other than Candace Cameron Buré.) As for Matt, he’ll find “love” in Cristal, a twenty-something hot yoga instructor who often walks between rooms using only her hands.

But anyway, this cutie pie gave Steph the smooch of her life and sparks flew. Michelle was heartbroken and it was the saddest freaking thing in the world.

That being said, I do take issue with one significant part of the show: Steve. As far as first loves go, you can't do any better than the voice of Aladdin.They lived a happy, prototypical life in San Francisco... That tragedy is what sets up the events of , where we catch up with Steve and DJ more than two decades after prom night.Steve is still hopelessly in love with DJ, a fact he won't let her forget. When viewers meet the now-adult Steve -- who's a local podiatrist and the owner of Comet Jr. -- he's telling DJ, "I should've just asked you to marry me at the prom." Listen, Steve.But, this got me thinking, what happened to all of the other actors and actresses who appeared on the series? Below, check out what ALL THE BOYFRIENDS from “Full House” look like today. They had a pretty long-lasting relationship, so he definitely was the king of the boyfriend pack. He was a guitarist in Jesse’s band, Hot Daddy and the Monkey Puppets, and started dating DJ in Season 8. He was Becky’s nephew and he starred in the episode called “Baby Love” with Michelle.He ended up dumping DJ because it was too much for him, but then fought for her love by battling Nelson. I forgot about this kid to be honest because he showed up at the end of the season when lots of other sh*t was going down. Howie came to visit, the two fell in love, but then Howie had to leave and go back to Nebraska.

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I’d like to argue “Full House” may be the greatest TV show ever made.

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