Where can i find the best sissy chat

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Where can i find the best sissy chat

People post things like “This is disgusting.” Someone posted “I’d rather eat glass than contribute to this Kickstarter.” Yes and no.

But some of the more interesting conversations about the campaign are within the LGBT community.

A new short film, FEMME, asserts that no gay should ever have to wear masc as a mask, and that girlishness can even be next to godliness.

New York-based actor and writer Corey Camperchioli successfully launched a Kickstarter campaign to jumpstart this passion project so other kweens like him can reclaim this label and wear it proudly like the crown it is. ” So I challenged myself to write a film where being femme was the identifier, to celebrate that in way I have never seen celebrated before.

The word can make some gays stiffen up—and not in a good way.I hope the film also encourages gay people to reach out to older and wiser people in the community. My older cousin is gay and he sort of helped me come to terms with who I am.Everyone needs that and my character in the film didn’t have that until he found a fairy godmother in the form of a drag queen who helps him reclaim the word “femme” as something beautiful and not degrading. But it’s interesting because it was never a conscious choice. Still, I really felt that society always reinforced that it was bad to be femme. People called me “gay” even before I even understood that I was gay.I’ve been working on this script for a year and a half now.It’s something that I think about every single day and it’s scary to open it up to the public, especially because it’s my story and it’s something that I already have so much baggage around—that term “femme.” But so many people have reached out online thanking me for telling their story. At the same time, there are people who have negatively commented on it.

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For me, it’s like coming to terms with the divide in how other people view me and how I view myself. So we launched the campaign a week ago and our original goal was $10,000. We upped that goal to $20,000 and we’re $150 shy of achieving that, but we still have two and a half weeks to go!