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White girl dating chinese guy

Western women, on the other hand, just assume that all Asian women are submissive and weak and that is the only logical explanation as to why they are sought after by western men. Sure, there are some submissive Asian girls in Asia, but these aren’t usually the ones that go with western men.The Asian women I’ve met and ones that go with western men are rather polite and less dramatic, though “submissive” is the wrong word to describe them.Sure, it used to be only white guys and Asian women back in the day, but that was because they had only been exposed to white guys.Are there old guys in Thailand who have young girlfriends or old dudes in America married to some young, mail-order bride? I’ve also seen young western women shacking up with old guys.In reality, most Asian girls are not after an American guy’s money or papers.Women from Korea, Japan, and China are some of the most sincere, selfless, non-materialistic and educated people on the planet. If by a “real women,” you mean having a girl put you down in front of your friends at the drop of a hat, then I don’t need a “real woman.” If you mean a chick that will stop caring about her body and looks after you settle down, then it’s not so appealing.One thing I’ve learned over the years is that there is a lot of misinformation and myths associated with the white guy Asian woman saga.

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Who is setting up a man cave and scouts, and would do anything for, I don't judge them, and I'm, sometimes brutally, white girl dating chinese guy honest with them.

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Most Asian girls are not interested in western men, and the ones that are also like non-white western men as well.

If you are an angry white guy that thinks Asian women will love you because you are white, sorry to burst your bubble. Everyone has high-speed internet, You Tube, and Facebook, and the world has been exposed ten times over.

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