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And she’s learned how to get back up again after life knocks her down, even though she admits to kicking and screaming in the process. Poppy: The biggest difference was that I didn’t gain as much weight! I remember being in Paris promoting the show and eating escargots! If I’d had that, I wouldn’t have gained as much weight! Poppy: She was about two weeks early and I had to have a c-section like I had with Jackson.

In my exclusive interview, a funny and wise Poppy opens up about her newborn daughter, reveals how much weight she gained during her second pregnancy, why her “wild ride” relationship with Shawn works, her views on marriage and her surefire advice on getting back up when life throws you for a loop. That was hard for me, because I don’t think anyone wants to have a c-section. But everything went well and at the end, what matters is that the baby is healthy and that you’re both doing great.

I loved talking to her so much I barely cut a sentence, and it’s worth it. Ulrica: You moved from Los Angeles to New York for your show when Violet was two weeks old, and then started working a few days later.

Poppy: Going back to work that quickly after having a c-section was, of course, difficult.

You may think you already know most things about Poppy.

Looking at her, you can tell she’s a genetically blessed actress.

The focus shifts to the wrong thing when we start obsessing about our bodies instead of celebrating our lives.But if you can’t, acceptance is really important because it’s such an energy drain to fight against it. But when he realized he couldn’t play or talk to her, he moved on.Sometimes it’s hard to roll with the changes in life. Now all he wants to do is go and find a water park! I understand why people do it and it’s beautiful, but I always thought to myself, if you can just go and get a divorce, what’s the point?You might even know she has a cute Australian accent when she’s not in character as ballsy detective Carrie Wells But what’s easily missed is her determination, drive, fearlessness and ability to laugh at herself.Poppy is not an actress who got famous because of her pretty face.

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