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The singer plans to continue to roll out her trap-soul vibe that was present on both of the album’s first two singles “Steady” and “Unbreakable”.

She also recently releasaed the “steady Gang” mixtape which found her diving even further into that lane.

When Michele went for ‘the big chop’ and shaved off all her hair at the beginning of 2010, she was scrutinised by her fans and the black community.

The Grammy award winning artist found that she had to justify the cutting of her hair, but for a long time she could not understand why.

“After I cut my hair it was really scary; all of a sudden I was black!

My entire existence in the music industry was about being a soulful girl that hip-hop embraced.But for the Lost One performer, music was never far from her heart and during her musical pause she penned her fourth and newest album Better.“I took a year and a half out from recording, to stop listening to everyone else’s ideas and questions to become more self-reflective.It was my chance to say to all the older folks who said hip-hop doesn’t have a place in our community, that it does.Watch us be unified and watch me and Rick Ross change that.

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I began to do things to myself and my body that I didn’t like; I gained 40 pounds because I ate junk.