Who is erin mcnaught dating

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You’re jealous that Erin had the gumption to put in the work that many of you will no longer consider to be important once January ends—and you shelve your new year’s resolution for another year.You’re jealous that Mc Naught isn’t ashamed of her body while some of you duck and dodge past any and every mirror in view.Considering her own apparent success, they seem realistic enough to her, and that’s all that should matter.

Are we really going to pretend that the motive behind the harassment and shaming of a gorgeous model is “concern”? I will instead both congratulate Erin Mc Naught for her hard work on getting her body to look the way it does and declare that .

(The Chive) Erin Mc Naught‘s post-pregnancy bikini body is incredible.

(WWTDD) Paris Hilton Another mother has used the Internet to show off her toned body just weeks after giving birth.

What right does anyone have to tell Erin Mc Naught how to feel about her photographs or her body?

What right does anyone have to try to make this model the poster child for “unrealistic expectations”?

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Just click off of her Instagram account and look at something else.