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Who is kelvin hines dating

no death date No Name no dates 2 rocks & artificial flowers Evans (Double) Emma L.

Patterson, James Harold father Patterson, Bama mother Patterson (Double) William Roy Jessie W. 1859 1940 Lawson (Double) Christopher no other date funeral home marker: Christopher Allen Lawson - David no other date funeral home marker: David Wesley Lawson - Infant sons of Dennis & Judy Lawson No Name no dates brick for marker No Name no dates brick for marker Price (Double) Ivy D. no death date Lawson, Maudie no death date Norred (Double) Ruby no death date Richard Patterson (Double) Rose S.

funeral home marker: Mary Maude Wilson, - , age 85 Herbert T.

(This might be marked off for later use) Givens (Double) Gertie M.

The legal description is NW4, SW4, Sec 23, T1s, R11w. Burns (Double) Thomas Lee Gracie Fay no death date Burns, Virgil T.

NAME BORN DIED COMMENTS No Name no dates small grave; a concrete block and 2 lot markers initialed B at head and foot Brewer Infant 1965 1965 Inf son of M/M Jimmy R.

Son of Lud & Dora Wilson Wilson (Double) Lela ftmkr: papaw Dora ftmkr: mamaw Wilson (Double) Effie E. The cemetery is on the right side of the road, behind Rogers Chapel United Methodist Church. Earl Gray is the person that takes care of the cemetery. Fowler Pfc, US Army, WWII, - Killen (Double) James C. This cemetery may have been called the Wilson Cemetery, or maybe the Hines Cemetery, before the Rogers Chapel church was built. Parker Parker, William Price Alabam, SA, US Navy, Korea Parker, Gary Wayne ? Coy 1939 1958 concrete base; name & date hand engraved, a marble top with nothing on it; name not legible. No Name no dates a rock for marker No Name no dates I was told that there are three people buried in this area, with nothing to identify the graves.

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Mary Frances age 86 funeral home marker: [same as above?

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