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Who is tasha smith dating

The deal is she found out about dude’s secret life.

Smith said during their courtship Douglas told her he was a preacher and presented an image he was a man of faith. Douglas had been married 5 times before her and the judge is seeing things her way, apparently.

The bottom line conclusion, according to the judge is that Douglas’ fraud went to the heart of her reasons for marrying Smith.

Tyler Perry actress Tasha Smith’s love rat ex Keith Douglas called her a “b***h” when she couldn’t get pregnant while nurturing an “unhealthy” relationship with his own daughter, BOSSIP has learned.

“He started harassing her,” a source close to the actress and her twin sister, Sidra, exclusively told BOSSIP. But it’s like she’s working to give him money.” Last month, a judge ordered Smith to shell out ,000 a month in spousal support to Douglas, on top of the ,000 lump sum she handed over late last year.

The sibs insist their father and stepmother’s marriage seemed like a happy one.

And Rory said what he got in return was betrayal in the form of emails to Tasha from actress Elisabeth Rohm that read “I miss you baby, I want to hug you and kiss you and I can’t wait to see you.” Smith also didn’t tell Douglas that she couldn’t conceive after “she had countless abortions that she did not tell him about,” Rory said.

Asia told BOSSIP that Douglas has always been in his kid’s lives when they needed him.

“She in no way would have jumped within a few months at the chance to be bride number six,” the judge said.

On top of that, the judge said Douglas concealed the number of kids he actually had, his past criminal conduct, and failure to pay taxes for nearly a decade.

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When she was drinking, she would be in full character like she does in the movies, having fun and talking loud.

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