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Who is trish stratus dating

In a brilliantly constructed match, Lita was the winner, but it was the division that benefited the most.

Though the feud’s between Stratus and Lita were somewhat short lived, the moments that they had in the ring together changed the way people viewed women’s wrestling forever.

Feuding with Victoria and Molly Holly for a few months, Stratus’ match at Survivor Series against Victoria one year after she won her first career title is looked at as one of the best divas matches in women’s history.

If the Divas Revolution is looking to gain even more fans, bringing back a Hardcore match stipulation could do the trick.

Trish Stratus is not only one of the most beautiful women to step foot into the squared circle, but she’s arguably the greatest diva to ever live.

She turned a division that was only focused on sex appeal and brought someone who could actually wrestle.

In an awkward storyline that showed James with an extreme love for Stratus, she began to feel uncomfortable, which eventually angered James. With the feud heading into Wrestle Mania 22, Stratus faced James for the Women’s Championship.

Patricia Anne Stratigias (December 18, 1975), better known as Trish Stratus, is a Canadian actress and television personality currently signed with World Wrestling Entertainment.Using trash cans, mirrors and fire extinguishers, Victoria and Stratus told a compelling story and despite losing her title, it didn’t hurt her one bit.Stratus’ career would then involve a relationship with Jericho and Christian, but it was her work after that highlighted her career and has recognized her as the greatest diva to ever live.After being forced to bark like a dog in her bra and panties, Stratus got her revenge at Wrestle Mania X-Seven when she slapped Vince during a match against his son Shane.Turning face in the process, Stratus became loved by the crowd and championship glory would soon follow her.

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Although her looks helped people want to tune in and watch, it’s her wrestling that kept people entertained.