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Other city and county party and laugh together at an air country song about dating a daughter force.Speculation about their breakup has been circling the media for almost a year, since both of them have spent the better part of 2010 completely entrenched in a myriad of projects, many of which were filmed overseas (Hyun Bin’s It turns out that they purposely waited until after he entered the army to make the announcement public, so as to keep the public’s focus on their respective projects rather than their relationship. They’ve been dodging breakup speculation for a while, and if this news had broken even one day earlier, Hyun Bin’s entire army sendoff would’ve been about this, and not a tearful-but-happy goodbye. Statements released indicate a mutual breakup due to busy conflicting schedules, and outside stress and pressure concerning their relationship status. This doesn’t come as a shocker since everything about their diverging careers screamed , and mostly what I’m taking away from all this is that Hyun Bin has got some seriously savvy management. Song Hye Kyo was known for her big TV hits in her 20-year career which has generated more than 40 percent ratings: "Autumn in My Heart" in 2000, "All In" in 2003 and "Full House" in 2004.She acted opposite South Korea's heartthrobs like Song Seung Hun and Hyun Bin.

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Yeah, I’m gonna go ahead and say that it’s not unwarranted. He’s basically done every single thing right, just before his army duty.