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Word for only dating one person

Edit based on comments: apparently "confirmed bachelor" has other connotations in some communities.

As I recall, its great import for Worth was the revelation that while Akili was not interested in sex, ve was certainly still interested in an asexual kind of romance.And the choosing to be single is almost exclusively for religious reasons. Without the "gay" connotation (if it exists), I think Adding a new answer to address the new form of the question (coin a term, as opposed to finding an existing one): Are you looking for "marriage-free", after the fashion of "child-free"? The opinions of all ages and one sex dead against it." (Ellipses mine.) It appears in this context that nonogamy means not married.dictionary.reference.com/browse/celibate It's not "deciding not to get into a relationship so you can have sex with whoever you want". The downside to it is its inevitable reference to religion, and I perceive that you aren't looking for that connotation. (I realize that not all relationships end in marriage, but "relationship-free" is too vague IMO. But it does have one potentially negative connotation: It sounds like, "I'm free from the pain that all you suckers have to endure by having a relationship." Which isn't totally apparent, but it may be interpreted that way. In a au forum, Stan Kopacz wrote "Considering the WW III nuclear landscape that marriage has become, I intend to stick with Nonogamy." nonogamy.says, "This [nonogamy] community is for those of us that roll our eyes when we hear relationship stories.But it’s some years since I read the book; so I may be misremembering.A lovely book, in any case; I’m glad to have been reminded of it!

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