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Gonads are the true sex organs, generating reproductive gametes containing inheritable DNA.

The initial appearance of the fetal genitalia (a few weeks after conception) looks basically feminine: a pair of "urogenital folds" with a small protuberance in the middle, and the urethra behind the protuberance.Mosses, ferns, and some similar plants have gametangia for reproductive organs, which are part of the gametophyte.The Latin term genitalia, sometimes anglicized as genitals, is used to describe the externally visible sex organs, known as the primary sex organs: in male mammals, the penis and scrotum; and in female mammals, the clitoris and vulva.The other, hidden sex organs are referred to as the secondary sex organs or internal genitalia.The most important of these are the gonads, a pair of sex organs, specifically the testes in the male or the ovaries in the female.

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Furthermore, differences in brain structure arise, affecting, but not absolutely determining, behavior.

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