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Medical analysts and psychological researchers use a variety of instruments to detect, measure, and graph vocal characteristics, a procedure obviously not feasible for therapists.Moses describes a technique that he calls “creative hearing” for perceiving voice quality apart from the words.My singing teacher could determine my general personality and various mood changes, plus intrapsychic conflicts that unknown to her I was then working on in my own analysis, all according to the way I was singing that day.As I have developed an awareness of my own voice I have begun to listen more acutely to those of my patients.This method is especially interesting because it involves not only the ears and the brain, but the use of the body, a noncognitive way of responding to the patient, which I will discuss in greater detail in the second section of the paper.

By connecting together enough dots over a period of time, NEVA hopes to build out the infrastructure necessary to make the use of electric vehicles within the state of Nevada more accessible to all its residents.Karpf (1980) mentions voice tone among other nonverbal cues as reflecting intrapsychic conflict in the patient and alerting the therapist to opportune times for intervention.Moses describes the effect of emotions on body functions such as depth or speed of respiration or shrinking or swelling of the mucous membranes of the nose, which influences in turn such vocal qualities as tone, breathiness, length of phrases, resonant quality of the voice.Please join us in this effort by contacting us at: Email: [email protected] are no dues to belong to NEVA but we welcome volunteer help, donations of money, time and test drives, as well as any other service that might help us do our job better. The cry of the newborn baby activates his breathing mechanism and heralds his arrival into the world.

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